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Areas of immaculate beauty

Find out the best attractions lying few steps from our hotel, the Pordenone area and the interesting itineraries around Friuli Venezia Giulia

San Vito al Tagliamento

  • The Duomo, where the beautiful frescos of Bellunello and Amalteo are safeguarded, with a beautifully renovated Venetian bell tower dating back to the XV century built by Giovanni da Pordenone
  • Piazza del Popolo, the high-end of the town, where the most beautiful buildings lie
  • The fourteenth-century castle, home of the Patriarchy of Aquileia
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti, a fifteenth-century building owned by the ancient hospital Confraternita dei Battuti, safeguards the best works by Amalteo.
  • Altan and Rota Palaces, two marvellous buildings enriched with Italian-style gardens, symbols of the importance of the two dynasties who ruled during the XIV and XV centuries
  • Antica Loggia and Ancient Social Theatre Gian Giacomo Arrigoni, a small seventeenth- century masterpiece 
  • Chiesa dell'Annunziata and Chiesa di San Lorenzo, the former from 1348 and the latter from the middle of the fifteenth century
  • Ancient prisons built in the middle of the nineteenth century in Austrian style, now reconverted as "Poetry House".
  • Ancient Hospital Confraternita dei Battuti, from 1369, now home of expositions and conventions; it offers a particular charm thank to its originally frescoed at the ground level, its three floors and the magical internal yard where time seems to have stopped.
  • The three towers: Torre Raimonda, Torre Scaramuccia, Torre Grimana: fortifications around the old town center, symbolizing the power of the patriarchies ruling over the region.
  • The three museums: the Civic Archeological Museum Federico De Rocco, the Provincial Museum of Country Life "Diogene Penzi", the Hisorical Museum of Western Friuli "Generale Umberto Romei".
  • Furthermore, the 1-km far Madonna di Rosa Sanctuary safeguards a holy picture of the Virgin who appeared, according to the traditional narrative, in front of a young local lady, besides the well-decorated mosaics and modern sculptures. It represents a destination for pilgrims coming from all corners.

Enchanting areas to be discovered

  • The medieval villages of Sesto al Reghena, Valvasone and Cordovaro
  • Natural places with breathtaking landscapes such as the Dolomiti Friulane Park, the Barcis Lake and the Forra del Cellina Natural Reserve
  • Wine and food tours in the search of the most distinctive Friulian products from San Daniele al Collio
  • Artcities plenty of charms, history and traditions such as Cividale, founded by Giulio Cesare and later Longobardic & Palmanova capital, the city fortress with a 9-ends star
  • Mansions, historical residences and castles such as Villa Manin and Cosa Castle
  • The wonders of Pordenone, with is enchanting palaces situated in the old town center, of Udine with the castle, Piazza della Libertà and Piazza Matteotti, Palazzo Patriarcale and the Duomo which conserve the marvelous works by Tiepolo and Trieste with the Miramare castle and Piazza dell’unità, not to mention the beautiful view over the gulf featuring the karst mountains

All these places can be easily reached in less than an hour from the Patriarca Hotel. Trust us: our staff and the partnership with Consorzio Pordenone Turismo will suggest you an exciting and surprising itinerary.
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